5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Realtor

Buying and selling homes are some of the highest dollar business and legal agreements you can participate in.  To ensure the most successful outcome, you must choose the best professional representation.  Just as you do when choosing an attorney, a doctor or an accountant, consider the individual’s professional credentials.

The following are some of the mistakes to avoid when choosing a professional to negotiate the sale of your home or to represent you in the home buying process.

Mistake #1

Hiring a Friend or Family Member

Blood or friendship shouldn’t be the sole consideration when hiring a professional.  you do not want to risk damaging a friendship or family relationship by choosing a person not truly qualified to represent you.  Ask the same important questions to qualify them as you would a stranger.

Mistake #2

Choosing a Part Time or Inexperienced Agent

It’s not accurate to assume that all Realtors possess the same skills and experience.  Agents who are not full-time Realtors and have their time split between another “job” will not meet the most basic requirements of being available and effective with timely communication and negotiations.  Real estate transactions involve deadlines and legal processes that require full-time attention.  Choose an agent who has been a full-time Realtor for at least 5 years and has specific experience in the aspect of real estate you need assistance with.

Mistake #3

Not Choosing a Realtor who has a Full Team of Professionals 

An experienced Realtor will know who to trust for all aspects of the real estate process.  You will need a full team approach that will include the numerous professionals. A key to your success is choosing a Lender who is familiar with all of the mortgage loan options available to provide you with the best program and terms that fit your needs.  An Escrow Officer and Title Company that can provide the attention to detail required to get the sale or purchase completed on time will be critical.  Next, a professional Home Inspector who will deliver a detailed, comprehensive report regarding the condition of the home is a must.  A proven Home Warranty Protection company that will cover unexpected repair items will give you peace of mind.

Mistake #4

Hiring a Realtor Who Agrees with Everything You Want

Some agents will simply tell you what you want to hear.  Unless that is backed by information based on the market, it will not benefit you. You need a professional that is willing to provide you with accurate information and professional guidance and not just passively agree with you. Choose a Realtor that is able to listen to what is important to you and still give you their professional opinions based on the current market, without sugar coating the facts to get your business.

Mistake #5

Hiring a Seller’s Agent Based on Lowest Commission

Some incorrectly believe that the only have it listed in the Multiple Listing Service so potential buyers can see it.  Selling a home involves numerous professionals, each playing an important role in this time-sensitive legal process.  Hiring a cut rate agent may get your home listed in the MLS, but provides little additional effort or representation from your agent.  Aggressive marketing utilizing cutting edge tools is something that you should expect from a Real Estate professional.  Quality video and photography will set you apart from other homes.   Home Staging is a powerful tool that will show your property superior to your competition.  Choose a Brokerage that offers all of the tools that will help you reach your goal of selling your home fast and for the most profit.

Buying and selling homes should be like any other important business transaction.  You need a professional that will serve your best interests.   Choose an agent who will do the most effective job of representing you and communicating with all necessary parties to make the process as smooth as possible.

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