Elevate Your Curb Appeal

First Impressions

The first thing to consider when selling your home is making the best first impression possible. That starts with your curb appeal. The goal is to make potential home buyers want to enter your home and see everything it has to offer. The following are items that can be addressed to attract visitors to your home encouraging them to enter and experience the full property.

The first physical interaction a visitor has with your home occurs with one touch of your doorknob. Your front door hardware, whether old and rusty or updated and polished, can say a lot about your home. If the door knob is difficult to operate due to age or condition it will instantly generate negative feelings. Visitors may wonder if there are other hidden issues in your home that have not been maintained properly or are ready to malfunction. This feeling will lead to a lower offer if any at all. Prevent this potential concern and replace and upgrade the hardware before listing the property for sale. Choosing hardware in a nickel or bronze finish and upgrading the style to the single handle style instead of the lower quality look of a separate door knob and deadbolt will create instant value.

The condition of the front door will also create a perception of a home that either has been maintained and cared for properly or one that has been ignored and may contain hidden necessary repairs. At the very least, wash the door and entrance area. If this is not sufficient, take the time to freshen it up with paint. Make a statement with a bold pop of color to make the home stand out. Consider burgundy, navy, chocolate brown or hunter to contrast with the body of the home.

Opportunities for Contrast and Color

1. Painting your garage door in the same color or a complementary color as your front door also makes a huge visual impact to the front of the home.
2. Next, address your lighting. If the style of your porch lights is acceptable, refurbish them by updating their color to match your door hardware. Choose a bronze color for less than $6.00 for a can of spray paint to instantly make the fixture look new.
3. Removing weeds and trimming the landscape is a given at a minimum but look for additional ways to add color and contrast with your landscaping. Create a flower bed around your trees for a well-contained pop of color. Replace any existing flowers or plants that don’t look their best. Add fresh color or healthy greenery.
4. Add faux shutters to your front windows and paint them the same as your front door. This creates an additional opportunity for more contrast color.

Maintenance and Repair Issues

1. Repair or replace any torn screens or remove them altogether.
2. Pressure wash everything and chemically treat or clean any obvious stains to the concrete driveway or walkways.
3. Repaint any trim that may be peeling to prevent any Lender issues.

There are so many ways to update or upgrade the curb appeal of your home. We have shared many of the most impactful ways. Some additional inexpensive ways to add style to your entrance are adding a door knocker, giving your house numbers a font upgrade and adding a welcome mat.

It is best to consider or address all of these tips but if your budget is limited, choose the changes that will make the most visual impact for the least investment.

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